UCAP launches UCAPehan

Over the years, UCAP started its mission in producing albums of worship songs and inspirational music written by our very own Filipino Christian composers and musicians coming from the different churches around the Philippines. The heart of this organization was manifested by the desire to give glory to God and move by its passions to create music of praise and worship for our Filipino brethren. Since then, our core goal is to gather and unite the Filipino Christian artists and musicians in making an avenue for Pinoy Christian music to spread and make available to the body of Christ in the Philippines and even to the most part of the countries throughout the world. This 2017 by the grace of God and His provision, we launches a new step through the power of music and the arts as tools of communication to proclaim His Kingdom agenda. Now we bring you an online program dubbed as "UCAPehan - Your Pinoy Christian Music Tambayan" with a tagline "Dito kung saan may mainit na tugtugan at may cool na kwentuhan". A 30 minutes program with a concept of an interactive talk show in a simple coffee shop setting that features guests particularly an artists and musicians from United Christian Artists of the Philippines where you can catch the stories behind the songs and their album while also sharing inspiring testimonies that will empower more musicians and influence the viewers to make out of the talents and opportunities giving glory, honor and praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Coming soon only here @ http//:ucapnetwork.com or visit our official youtube channel www.youtube.com/UcapNetwork or find us on www.facebook.com/UcapNetwork www.facebook.com/UcapArtists