• They are forged by Fire, so to speak. They are a beacon to the ever growing clamor of the Filipino spirit to worship God in it's own tongue and context. If these songs move your soul to the... More

  • PRESENCE is a team of God-loving people with a vision of bringing awareness of God's manifest presence to the four corners of the world through their music. They aspire to share the songs of... More

  • Project Grace is a contemporary Christian band who were based in their home church "Grace Generation Church" in Sampaloc, Manila. The band is currently made up of 5 members. They are known for... More

  • A genuine Christian rock music perfected; a collision of different genres of rock music crafted to inspire other people. More than the depth and significant sense of their songs to the society,... More

  • A musical production that is committed to praise and worship God, exhort and edify the church and spread the message of Jesus Christ through music and production of Christian albums and concerts... More

  • Labeled themselves as one of the hardcore/NU Metal gospel band in the country. The members of the band first met at the Room 8 where they formed the band inside the bible school. Attached by the... More

  • Moriah Chanan Worship was formed through the vision of these worship team to lead a bigger crowd in worshiping the Lord. It was then when they started searching for a name and they found a Hebrew... More

  • Remnant named after from a recurring theme throughout the Hebrew and Christian Bible. The Anchor Bible Dictionary describes it as "What is left of a community after it undergoes a catastrophe".... More

  • Rhythmtion simply means "Rhythm of Salvation"
    A band with members gathered from different Churches sharing God's salvation through the rhythm of music.

  • A worship team from the JNCF Angono Church.

  • S&L

    S&L named after the popular verse in Matthew 5:13-16 “You are the salt for the whole human race....You are like light for the whole world... In the same way your light must shine before... More

  • Derived from the word "Rizalenyos", the band consists of musicians from different churches in Rizal. Ainos is a Greek word meaning, "praise (to God) / laudatory discourse" (see: Matthew 21:16 and... More