Jiggz Bartolome


"Jiggz" Anthony Hilario Bartolome now called "Pastor Jiggz" is from Valenzuela City, raised in Caloocan by his father Bishop Antonio Bartolome & a public school teacher mother Mrs. Liza Bartolome, he was raised up in a discipline oriented family, while he grew playing in rice fields and walking to school he enjoys and cherish his simple countrified youth, a Filipino version of "Country Boy". He started acting at big stage plays when he was 5 yrs old, influenced by his father who is also a former director he started directing his own stage plays on a college play when he was 12 yrs old, then later became the director of "Dulaang Kayumanggi" after his father retired to be a pastor. He then became a Christian and learned to play music when he was14 yrs old, the experience inspired him to write the song "Restless" then wrote numerous songs about his faith afterwards, some are included in his Christian-Country-Rock album "Jiggzrockz" produced by UCAP. He spearheaded the Music Ministry of CAROIM from the church's beginnings becoming a Worship leader and a Musician he later studied music formally at University of the Philippines College of Music, then founded the "MusiCAworkz" one of the first Inter-Church music workshop in the country. Pastor Jiggz is now the Overall Administrator of Christ's Ambassadors Reach-Out Int'l Ministry (CAROIM), and President of Christ's Ambassadors Christian Academy in Valenzuela.

"But because I still consider myself a musician, and I believe in the faith & vision of my friend and brother Kevin for UCAP, I took it upon myself to be a part the United Christian Artist of the Philippines".